Flight Deck Intro

Learn the basics of learning how to pilot a HG wing to perfect balance. From ground controlling, picking up and balancing a HG, how to launch a HG while staying balanced, and develop in flight speed controls while keeping a HG wing balanced and flying straight/level.


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Flight Deck Skill Development

Fine tune and sharpen your new found piloting skills you’ve learned from your intro lesson. Take as many lessons as needed…before qualifying for hillside HG1 certification training.


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Hill Side Certification

Now that you have fine tuned and mastered the ability to keep your wing in control. From ground handling, launching, in flight speed control, speedĀ  recognition, and straight level (balanced flight). It’s time to take the next step of Free Flight! Glider set up and pre-flight, learning how to read wind cycles, develop awareness while enjoying pure flight, landing skill development and phases. Take as many lesson as needed to acquire your first certification rating. A beginner or hg1 skills.

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Novice/HG 2 Skills.

Learn how to fly higher while comfortably developing your new found awareness of flight and hg control. Hg2 skills cover altitude acclamation, 45 to 90 degree turns. Down wind, base and final pattern and skills associated with, prone flight. Equipment not included for Novice training. Must have all proper gear and equipment.

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Tandem Flights

Tandem flights are by appointment only. And tandem instructor availability.