A. There are four ratings for HG pilots. Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced pilot. Each individual student pilot can expect a minimum of 20 lessons, before becoming proficient to the Novice rating.
Here is a link to the USHPA rating system http://www.ushpa.aero/documents/sop/sop-12-02.pdf.

A. No. Although student pilots must weigh between 90lbs and 220lbs. Also be a minimum of 5′ tall. If student pilot is under the age of 18, a waiver must be signed by a legal guardian. For students under 90lbs or over 220lbs accommodations can be arranged..

A. Yes. Most of the physical effort is while ground controlling your wing, launching and landing. Hang gliders weigh anywhere from 50lbs to 90lbs. And requires a student develop the skill and feel while running to accelerate the wing to launch.